Let's read a story...

It was deep December when a German boy with the zeal to explore the world and longingness to visit the land of rising sun set foot inside the city lights of Japan. But unbeknownst to him, with the thrill came along the brutal chill of the winters and the impending struggle to survive his endeavor.

And though, like a miracle, one gold-hearted citizen of Japan welcomed him in her home with the warmth of food and place in barter that he helped her with her chores. He helped her regularly and even went more lengths to teach his trade and tongue to her kids as well.

He met many other Japanese residents through her and learned about the generational experiences of their lives. He entered Japan with ambitions and left as a better traveler carrying along the altruistic experience of his life. He moved on ahead, searching for another courteous expedition to another new land.

What is Beeber Global?

The company “Beeber Global” focuses on the Creation & operation of an innovative digital platform to connect international volunteers with a range of Japanese businesses. The message of the company is “Be ambitious! and put yourself on the journey through the world to get that coveted freedom of your life”.

The growing elderly population, labor shortage, and lack of English proficiency are the 3 most concerning issues in Japanese society. Additionally, there is an ardent interest among the global crowd to explore Japan.

Beeber Global through their “digital platform” connects travellers from all across the world in the form of “volunteers” with the educational institutions/ businesses in Japan in the form of “hosts”. The company shall function and promote SDGs 4, 8, 10, and 16.

The hosts can range from Japanese educational institutions looking for English teachers to an individual Japanese family looking for an English teacher for their kids. The volunteers can range from a student in the US to a Doctor in India. Beeber Global acts as the facilitator creating connections and providing bilingual support throughout the interface. It is to be noted that the “volunteers” are primarily travellers/ tourists who enter Japan with 'Tourist' Visa or 'Work-And-Travel' Visa. Both Hosts and Volunteers need to register in Beeber Global to avail of the services.

With headquarters at Sapporo, the business (primarily locating “hosts”) shall spread to the other cities in Japan like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, etc. Thereafter, the business shall spread to other countries like India, Estonia, the USA, etc.

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